An amazing team of warriors assembled here to help bring you Battle Rounds!

If you’re interested in supporting and/or creating for Battle Rounds, please Contact Us. We’re always on the lookout for up-and-coming illustrators, 3D sculptors, as well as 3D printers and painters. 


Mehwish Sherali |
Jet Pack Trading Card
Kentauroi of Pestilence Trading Card

Mark Rose |
Dwarven Genie Lamp
Various Card AI Prompts & Photoshop Edits

Fantasy_Art_Z |
Vortex Shield Trading Card
Kentauroi of Plague Trading Card

Albert Chauw |
Ancient Axe of the Warrior Trading Card
Kentauroi of War Trading Card

Alexander Tejada |
Kentauroi of Famine Trading Card

3D Artists & Sculptors

Martin Wyatt |
Cyclops Stomper Character

Jonty Pvt Ltd |
Sci-Fi Mummy Characters

Alexander Tejada |
Mercural Man Character, Hale Character

Abhranil Neogy |
Heavy Mech & Drone Mech Characters
Color Guard Marine
Knight of Arae Tal

Josè Miguel Scopelliti |
Nival Mountain Giant

Rasmus Bremholm |
Paint Bottle use in the Battle Rounds Painters Trophy

Grant Abbitt |
Mug Bezzle (Watch Grant’s video of the creation of Mug Bezzle here:

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