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What Makes Battle Rounds Different From Other Tabletop Games With Miniatures?2022-11-08T20:33:43+00:00

We believe there are a bunch of things that make Battle Rounds different from other tabletop games. The most important part is that the gameplay is determined by the miniatures that you bring to the table (ha ha). Unlike other games where the miniatures are just placeholders on a map, the miniatures in Battle Rounds actually help determine the strengths of the characters. The rules are designed to allow players to adjust their characters’ scores to match their miniatures. A player with a fast car miniature might have a higher movement score. A player with a miniature holding a rocket launcher might have a higher range or damage bonus. This allows players to be creative and dream up the team that best fits their strategy for winning.

This concept allows (and encourages) players to create their own teams of characters which is half the fun of Battle Rounds. What types of characters would you put on your team? Maybe you think a team of fast characters that can travel quickly around the map is your ticket to winning? If so, put together a team of sports cars or super fast superheroes. Or maybe you’re one of those “a strong offence is a strong defense” people? If so, build a team of armored robots or stone golems. Or maybe your team is a healthy mix of character traits?

AND UNLIKE ANY OTHER TABLETOP GAME, Battle Rounds players can gain in-game advantages for the creativity in the teams they develop. No longer will the hard work spent painting the perfect miniature go unnoticed and un-rewarded! See our Optional and Tournament rules to learn how your characters might receive in-game bonuses if they’re the best painted miniatures on the table, or the most creative team, and more.

Why Aren’t Battle Rounds Miniatures Miniature?2022-11-08T20:41:50+00:00

Battle Rounds uses characters that are about 80mm tall instead of the standard 30mm. If you spend many hours designing and painting a killer team of characters, we want you to be able to show them off. Our characters are the perfect size to put on a small shelf or place in an awards showcase when you’re not playing, so your friends and family can see your hard work! Go here to learn more about creating your own team of characters.

We also feel that in many cases 30mm sized characters are just too small to off the craftsmanship in the 3D design work. Character details look so much better at the larger size.  And sometimes there’s just not enough space on a 30mm miniature to show off your painting skills. The detail used in miniature painting doesn’t have to change with larger characters. It just allows for more to work with… and more to appreciate.

Can I Play Battle Rounds With My Current 30mm Minis & Terrain?2023-06-06T13:41:55+00:00

Tabletop Collectables Painting Miniatures 3D Printing Battle Rounds GameYes. While we may prefer the larger size, we know some of you may have a great miniatures collection that you want to put to the test.

Available from our Shop, you can download and 3D print the Battle Rounds Tray. You can use this tray just like a Battle Rounds Disc to hold your stats dice and trading cards for each of your characters. Then instead of our hex maps, use standard terrain tiles to build your map. Instead of moving 1 hex space, simply move 1 terrain square. Use different terrain pieces, such as treasure chests and library shelves as encounters in which characters draw trading cards. Some cards, such as location cards may not work with this gameplay option, but it’s still a lot of fun to battle your friends in a treasure-stocked dungeon!

Card Castle2023-03-29T18:38:38+00:00

Battle Rounds Card CastleUpdated: 11-17-2022

The optional Card Castle encounter is a great way to use Battle Rounds trading cards with the game. Place the Card Castle an equal distance away from each player’s home base. Or use multiple Card Castles, making sure each player has a castle at an equal distance away. Place a shuffled deck of Battle Rounds Trading Cards in each castle, face down. Be sure to include enough cards for each character in the game. Each character is only allowed to draw one card from each castle encounter.

Choose between two great ways to use this encounter.

Standard: When a character lands on a space next to the Card Castle, they can draw one card. Characters are not allowed to land on top of the Card Castle space.

Castellan: Characters draw cards as noted above with the Standard rule. Additionally, a character may also move on top of the Card Castle (place the character and their Battle Rounds disc directly on top of the Card Castle). As long as that character remains on top of the Card Castle, players from opposing teams may not draw a card. Characters from the same team as the castle owner may draw a card when on an adjacent space. Opposing players’ characters must defeat the character owning the castle before being able to land on the castle or draw a card. After a character defeats a castle owner, that character may immediately draw a card and move on to the castle space if they choose to do so.

The Mountain2023-03-29T18:38:23+00:00

Battle Rounds Mountain EncounterThe Battle Rounds Mountain is a great encounter with lots of gameplay options. Listed below are various optional rules. Note that you can combine rules to make things even more interesting.

King of the Mountain
Instead of playing Battle Rounds where the last character standing wins, decide on a time when gameplay will end, or a gameplay duration (for example, 30 minutes). At the end of the time period, the player whose character is standing on the “mountain” wins. When using the mountain encounter, the character on the mountain receives a +1 Defense bonus and a +1 Hit bonus.

Enemies on the Mountain
Shuffle a handful of Enemy trading cards and keep them face down. If a player decides to move one of their characters on to the Mountain, draw the top enemy card and place it in the Mountain card slot. The card acts like a normal Enemy card (see the official rules) which must be defeated before a character can move to the top of the Mountain. The Mountain enemy gains a +1 Defense bonus and a +1 Hit bonus. Players’ characters may move to the top of the Mountain after they kill the enemy. Once on top of the Mountain, if the character is killed, or they move off the Mountain, a new enemy card must be drawn before before another character can move to the top of the Mountain.

Capture The Flag
If playing Capture The Flag using the optional rule found on our website, the Mountain can be used as an additional location to pick up flags. Be sure the Mountain is placed an equal number of spaces away from each player’s home base. Flags are placed in the flag holes on each side of the Mountain. When a character lands on a space that is next to the the side of the Mountain that contains a flag, they may take that flag. Characters may not take more than 1 flag at a time from the Mountain. Characters must return the Mountain flag to their home base before stealing another flag from the Mountain.

For an added Capture The Flag challenge, add enemies to the Mountain as noted above. To keep the game moving at a fun pace, a character does not need to defeat the enemy to steal a flag. In order to steal a flag, the character needs to score a hit against the enemy. If the character rolls to attack and hits, they do damage to the enemy as usual and they can also take a flag regardless of whether the enemy was killed or not. To make things even more interesting, allow characters to claim the top of the mountain as they do in the King of the Mountain gameplay option.

Paint Tips for Battle Rounds?2022-12-27T16:21:20+00:00

If you’re painting your Battle Rounds team, our suggestion is to paint the outer rim of the base for each character with the same color. This will help players easily recognize which characters are on their team. And if you’re playing with Team Lockers, Home Bases, and/or other encounters, you can use that same color to add additional coordination to your team’s encounters on the game board.

Exactly What Do I Need To Play Battle Rounds?2023-06-06T13:47:24+00:00
  1. Several Battle Rounds Discs. You can currently download and print discs on 3D printers. Discs will be available for download and standard purchase on our website.
  2. Dice. You will need a 20-sided die and a 6-sided die to play the game and each character/miniature will need two 20-sided dice and four 6-sided dice.
  3. Characters/miniatures. These can be action figures, hot wheels car, or any toys/miniatures you have around the house. You can also use official Battle Rounds characters. They can be custom created!
  4. The Battle Rounds Rulebook. Purchase from our online shop (physical & digital versions available).
  5. We also strongly suggest a game map. There are currently several options available in our website shop, but Battle Rounds can be played without a map if one isn’t available.


  1. Battle Rounds Trading Cards can add more excitement and variety to the game. Get these from our website shop.
  2. Game encounters, such as the Dice Tower, Card Castle, Shipping Container, the Mountain, and more can also add more gameplay options, strategy, and creativity to the game. Some of these elements are available in our website shop, others are coming soon.

For people with 3D printers, you can download and print everything you need to play Battle Rounds from our online shop with more items coming soon!

Shipping Containers2023-06-06T13:54:49+00:00

Battle Rounds Shipping ContainerThe Battle Rounds Shipping Container is a great way to add some fun gameplay options. Shipping containers are a great encounter to use when playing with the optional Team Lockers rule found in the official rulebook (in the trading cards section).

Single Container Gameplay: When you have one shipping container available, shuffle a handful of trading cards and place them facedown inside the container. Place the container an equal distance from all players’ home spaces. When a player lands on a space in front of the open end of the container, that character may draw a card. Follow the standard rule for trading cards. Players may also land on the same space as the shipping container, placing their character on the top of the container. This character cannot draw a trading card but while on top of the container, they receive a +1 Range bonus and a +1 Hit Bonus but also a -1 Defense penalty.

Multiple or Owned Shipping Containers: Each player begins the game with their own shipping container placed equal distances away from their home spaces. Each player can stock their own shipping container with their own trading cards. Cards should be shuffled so owning players will not know the order of their cards. Players may only draw cards from their own shipping container. Characters may draw 1 card per game, but this can be increased if all players agree. Any character may land on top of any shipping container, but the containers are considered “locked” and can only be “opened” by the owning player. If you want to prevent one player’s cards from tipping the balance of the game, decide on the number of “Power Points” allowed for each team. Power points for each card are located at the bottom right of each card. Each player’s deck of cards should not exceed the decided number of points.

Painting Tips: Paint your team’s logo on the side of the container. Or if your team’s characters have color coordinated bases, use the same color for your shipping container.

Other Tips: There are two downloadable versions of the Shipping Container coming soon to our website shop. Use the version with the hole in the roof to place your discarded trading cards.

Dice Castle2023-03-29T18:36:59+00:00

Place the Dice Castle on the gameboard, preferably an equal number of spaces away from each player’s home base. When a character lands at the tower doorway, they may drop the special “dice tower” die into the top of the Dice Castle. Adjust that characters stats based on the die outcome. The adjustment is permanent for that game (or tournament). Each character may only roll at the Dice Tower one time per game.

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