Getting Started & Gameplay

Battle Rounds is a fun, imaginative, tabletop, strategy game using miniatures and collectable trading cards.

Each player has their own squad of miniatures (about 3″ – 5″ in size) and competes on a large-scale map similar to a military planning map (or “sand table”). Players move their characters around the map, using dice to battle other players’ characters and collecting trading cards to power up or add special features to the map.

Players strategize how to best attack the other players, and win by being the sole survivor on the map.

The gameplay is fun, fast and furious in Battle Rounds. It’s also easy because each players’ characters sit on discs that hold several dice used to track the statistics of the characters – no need to paper and pencils.

Battle Rounds Rulebook

Illustrated Comic Rulebook Version 1.5

The actual rules of Battle Rounds are very simple and take only minutes to learn. The official version of the rules is available from our online shop. If you have a 3D printer you can download and print everything you need to play! If you don’t have a 3D printer, stay tuned! We’re currently putting our ducks in a row so that a complete version of the game can be purchased from our website shop. Sign our mailing list or follow on social media to be notified when we’re ready.

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Building Your Team of Characters

The best part of Battle Rounds is that the rules are designed so players can use any miniatures they want. Official Battle Rounds characters can be downloaded (for 3D printing) from our website coming soon. Players can also use characters, collectables, or toys they already own. Whether it be Star Wars figures, dinosaurs, cars, zoo animals… if they fit on a Battle Rounds disc, they can be part of the fun!

But don’t let your imagination stop there! If you’ve got an idea for a team of alien space llamas with laser cannons strapped to their backs, build them! Check out the Create page of our website for help with creating your own team from the ground up.

If you build & paint your own Battle Rounds team, send us some pics… we’d love to see them!

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