Create Your Own Characters

In other games, miniatures are just placeholders. In Battle Rounds, it’s the miniatures themselves that determine the gameplay. You can use miniatures, collectables and/or other toys you already own, or you can make your own. Want a team of giant turtles with fuzzy slippers and rocket launchers bolted to their shells? Build them. How about a zombie rock band with battle axes on roller-skates? Create them. Read on for help in how to do just that.

Are you ready to create your own Battle Rounds team?

Whether you’re designing & building from scratch, or you need help with different phases of construction, you can find help here on this page.

There are 4 phases of construction for creating any Battle Rounds team from scratch. Whether you do all the steps yourself or just one or two of them, the important thing is to have fun with the process and end up with a team of characters that you love.

  • Phase 1: Design

    What do your characters look like?  What are their strengths and powers? Plan your characters to work well together and take advantage of your strategy and gameplay style… or don’t :) it’s up to you!

  • Phase 2: Sculpt

    Sculpt your characters. There are many ways to do this… Use 3D software, such as Blender (available for free) but this requires a steep learning curve. An easy option is to use one of the many websites that allow you to sculpt characters without any prior experience (see the list on this page). Or for a truly unique character, there are some amazing freelance 3D sculptors available for hire that would love to help turn your ideas into a Battle Rounds champion (see the list on this page). Last but not least, you can do it the old fashioned way and sculpt your characters out of modeling clay! Spend a few minutes searching YouTube, and you’ll find lots of videos to help get you started.

  • Phase 3: 3D Print

    Unless you sculpted your characters the old fashioned way, you’ll need to have it printed on a 3D printer. The character creation websites mentioned above may be able to print and mail your figure to you.  Also in-home 3D printers are a great option and have become affordable for many, but if you don’t have one available, you can easily find many places online that will print your characters for you. See the list on this page for some ideas.
    NOTE: If you already have a “standard” 28mm or 30mm miniature STL file that you want to 3D print for use in Battle Rounds, print it at 250% and you should be at about the right size.

  • Phase 4: Paint

    Paint your characters. To fully bring your characters to life, you’ll want to paint them. You can find hundreds of tutorial videos online to help teach you how to get started painting. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, there are many great painters who would be happy to help you for a small fee (and many of them will also print your figures for you)!

Remember… you don’t have to create your own characters. You can use official Battle Rounds characters or even the action figures and collectables you already own! Just make sure you’re having fun putting your team together.  And please make sure to send us pictures of your team that we can post on our website and our social media!

If you create your own Battle Rounds character and feel it should have additional “bonus” powers, send us a pic ( and let us know its powers. We’ll help make sure your character is well-balance for gameplay and send you an official trading card for your character!

Help & Resources

Looking for help with any of the character creation phases? See the links below to some amazing people and websites that might be able to help you out! We’;; try to keep this list updated so please be sure the check back often!

Freelance 3D Sculptors

Martin Wyatt |
Jonty Pvt Ltd |
Alexander Tejada |
Abhranil Neogy |

Character Creation Websites

Hero Forge |
Eldritch Foundry |
TitanCraft |

Printing Your Characters

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Painting Your Characters

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