Advanced & Optional Rules

Every so often we come up with an interesting optional rule or some different gameplay format. If we think anything is worthwhile, we’ll add it to this page. If you come up with a fun variation on anything, please let us know!

See the end of the official Battle Rounds Rulebook for options rules, Draft Start, Map Terrain Option, and King of the Mountain. Other ideas/options are below.

Tabletop Collectables Painting Miniatures 3D Printing Battle Rounds GamePlaying Battle Rounds with Standard 28mm-30mm Miniatures
Yes, we know many of you already have 28mm-30mm sized miniatures and would like to play Battle Rounds using those miniatures. Coming soon to our online shop – download the Battle Rounds Tray. You can use this tray to hold and track the stats dice for each of your characters instead of our standard round discs/bases. Then instead of our hex maps, use standard terrain tiles to build your map. Instead of moving 1 hex space, simply move 1 terrain square. Use different terrain pieces, such as treasure chests and library shelves as encounters in which characters draw trading cards. Some cards, such as location cards may not work with this gameplay option.

Capture The Flag
Instead of the “Last Man Standing” goal of Battle Rounds, try playing “Capture The Flag”. In this variation, the goal is for one team’s character to reach an opposing team’s home base. Once there, they can pick up a “flag” to be returned to their own home base for 1 point. After a predetermined amount of time, whoever has the most points wins. Use Battle Rounds flags, or pins, to insert into the character disc/base to signify that character has a flag. Flags can be stolen from other characters only after they have been defeated. You can download 3D printable flags from our shop coming soon.

Stealing Cards
If you’re playing with Battle Rounds trading cards, consider using an optional rule that allows you to steal another character’s cards. Using this option the attacking character can choose to steal a card from the defending player INSTEAD of doing damage to their health. After the attacking player score a hit, they roll their damage score as usual. That character may then steal a single trading card that has an equal (or fewer) number of stars (found at the lower right of the cards) instead of dealing damage. If that card is a Carry Along card, the number of available uses remaining carries over to the new owner. For added excitement (or anxiety :) ) if you’re playing using the Finders Keepers or Team Lockers rules, it can be decided before the game starts that each player may keep the cards held by their characters at the end of the game.

Character & Team Rewards
We know creating a Battle Rounds team can be a lot of fun, but also very time consuming. Whether you’re sculpting, 3D printing, painting, or maybe all three, we appreciate all the hard work and time involved. To acknowledge this hard work, dedication and skill, give out some bonus rewards! Give the best hand-painted character a 1 point bonus stat. Give the player with the most creative team 3 points in bonus stats to be distributed to his or her characters. Players can decide what categories deserve rewards. Here are a few ideas: Most Creative Team, Most Original Handmade Team, Best Original Sculpted Character, Best Hand Painted Character, Best “Triple Threat Character” (sculpted, 3D printed, and painted by the same same person), Best Coordinated Hand Painted Team, Most Unique Character.

Yes, we understand that players may not agree on who should receive these rewards so ask someone not playing to be the judge. Or better yet, email us pics of your teams and we’ll decide for you! See our Tournament Rules page for more ideas, and how to handle these rewards in tournament situations.

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