The Story

What happened to these lands you ask? Thousands of acres void of vegetation, littered with broken artifacts from civilizations not of this world, not of this time?
It was many years ago when THEY arrived. There were four… all-powerful beings said to be from beyond our existence. They walked peacefully among us for a brief time, preparing for a war between themselves that was never meant for us to comprehend.
One being, we now know as The Architect, studied the land in great detail, preparing notes and maps for an army from beyond our stars. On the day the great war began, the sky erupted into a giant web as his great army stepped down from the heavens… Monsters not of this realm, a gruesome army longing only for destruction, feeding on pain and suffering.
The being known as The Constructor opened a huge crater in the earth where she worked for 24 days and 24 nights. She used the resources of our land to build and shape her army. They were a relentless, inescapable, soulless legion dedicated to her will.
The third being was The Summoner, and he did just that. In the weeks he spent preparing for battle, he spent his time summoning seemingly ordinary men and women. It was only during the great battle that their unworldly powers were revealed.
It was the fourth being called The Emperor who was different, rumored to be more benevolent than the others. She wandered our continent looking for the best warriors of our lands. Luckily for us, she chose well.
Their armies battled for 73 days and nights.  The forests burned. The earth melted. In the end, all but a few of The Emperor’s forces had been destroyed. Perhaps it was her knowledge of the land and it’s people that swayed the battle to her favor? Or perhaps it was the shear will of her warriors, giving everything they had to save their home?
The beings were not seen again… until today.

That’s where this story ends (for now) and the fun begins as you create your own battle stories. All that’s left is for you to do is decide how to assemble your army.

Will you be an Architect, recruiting help from amazing artists to build your characters to your exact specifications?

Will you be a Constructor and build your army from scratch… sculpting, 3D printing, and painting… only limited by your imagination?

Or are you The Summoner, filling your army with some of the amazing creatures created by the Battle Rounds team, designed for ultimate conquest?

Or maybe you’re The Emperor and you already have an army waiting in the wings, dedicated to fight for your side?

How you assemble your army is up to you, and that’s half the fun of Battle Rounds. The other half is actually playing the game, so grab your dice and trading cards, and get in there before it’s too late!

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