We believe there are a bunch of things that make Battle Rounds different from other tabletop games. The most important part is that the gameplay is determined by the miniatures that you bring to the table (ha ha). Unlike other games where the miniatures are just placeholders on a map, the miniatures in Battle Rounds actually help determine the strengths of the characters. The rules are designed to allow players to adjust their characters’ scores to match their miniatures. A player with a fast car miniature might have a higher movement score. A player with a miniature holding a rocket launcher might have a higher range or damage bonus. This allows players to be creative and dream up the team that best fits their strategy for winning.

This concept allows (and encourages) players to create their own teams of characters which is half the fun of Battle Rounds. What types of characters would you put on your team? Maybe you think a team of fast characters that can travel quickly around the map is your ticket to winning? If so, put together a team of sports cars or super fast superheroes. Or maybe you’re one of those “a strong offence is a strong defense” people? If so, build a team of armored robots or stone golems. Or maybe your team is a healthy mix of character traits?

AND UNLIKE ANY OTHER TABLETOP GAME, Battle Rounds players can gain in-game advantages for the creativity in the teams they develop. No longer will the hard work spent painting the perfect miniature go unnoticed and un-rewarded! See our Optional and Tournament rules to learn how your characters might receive in-game bonuses if they’re the best painted miniatures on the table, or the most creative team, and more.