Battle Rounds Card CastleUpdated: 11-17-2022

The optional Card Castle encounter is a great way to use Battle Rounds trading cards with the game. Place the Card Castle an equal distance away from each player’s home base. Or use multiple Card Castles, making sure each player has a castle at an equal distance away. Place a shuffled deck of Battle Rounds Trading Cards in each castle, face down. Be sure to include enough cards for each character in the game. Each character is only allowed to draw one card from each castle encounter.

Choose between two great ways to use this encounter.

Standard: When a character lands on a space next to the Card Castle, they can draw one card. Characters are not allowed to land on top of the Card Castle space.

Castellan: Characters draw cards as noted above with the Standard rule. Additionally, a character may also move on top of the Card Castle (place the character and their Battle Rounds disc directly on top of the Card Castle). As long as that character remains on top of the Card Castle, players from opposing teams may not draw a card. Characters from the same team as the castle owner may draw a card when on an adjacent space. Opposing players’ characters must defeat the character owning the castle before being able to land on the castle or draw a card. After a character defeats a castle owner, that character may immediately draw a card and move on to the castle space if they choose to do so.