Battle Rounds Mountain EncounterThe Battle Rounds Mountain is a great encounter with lots of gameplay options. Listed below are various optional rules. Note that you can combine rules to make things even more interesting.

King of the Mountain
Instead of playing Battle Rounds where the last character standing wins, decide on a time when gameplay will end, or a gameplay duration (for example, 30 minutes). At the end of the time period, the player whose character is standing on the “mountain” wins. When using the mountain encounter, the character on the mountain receives a +1 Defense bonus and a +1 Hit bonus.

Enemies on the Mountain
Shuffle a handful of Enemy trading cards and keep them face down. If a player decides to move one of their characters on to the Mountain, draw the top enemy card and place it in the Mountain card slot. The card acts like a normal Enemy card (see the official rules) which must be defeated before a character can move to the top of the Mountain. The Mountain enemy gains a +1 Defense bonus and a +1 Hit bonus. Players’ characters may move to the top of the Mountain after they kill the enemy. Once on top of the Mountain, if the character is killed, or they move off the Mountain, a new enemy card must be drawn before before another character can move to the top of the Mountain.

Capture The Flag
If playing Capture The Flag using the optional rule found on our website, the Mountain can be used as an additional location to pick up flags. Be sure the Mountain is placed an equal number of spaces away from each player’s home base. Flags are placed in the flag holes on each side of the Mountain. When a character lands on a space that is next to the the side of the Mountain that contains a flag, they may take that flag. Characters may not take more than 1 flag at a time from the Mountain. Characters must return the Mountain flag to their home base before stealing another flag from the Mountain.

For an added Capture The Flag challenge, add enemies to the Mountain as noted above. To keep the game moving at a fun pace, a character does not need to defeat the enemy to steal a flag. In order to steal a flag, the character needs to score a hit against the enemy. If the character rolls to attack and hits, they do damage to the enemy as usual and they can also take a flag regardless of whether the enemy was killed or not. To make things even more interesting, allow characters to claim the top of the mountain as they do in the King of the Mountain gameplay option.