1. Several Battle Rounds Discs. You can currently download and print discs on 3D printers. Discs will be available for download and standard purchase on our website.
  2. Dice. You will need a 20-sided die and a 6-sided die to play the game and each character/miniature will need two 20-sided dice and four 6-sided dice.
  3. Characters/miniatures. These can be action figures, hot wheels car, or any toys/miniatures you have around the house. You can also use official Battle Rounds characters. They can be custom created!
  4. The Battle Rounds Rulebook. Purchase from our online shop (physical & digital versions available).
  5. We also strongly suggest a game map. There are currently several options available in our website shop, but Battle Rounds can be played without a map if one isn’t available.


  1. Battle Rounds Trading Cards can add more excitement and variety to the game. Get these from our website shop.
  2. Game encounters, such as the Dice Tower, Card Castle, Shipping Container, the Mountain, and more can also add more gameplay options, strategy, and creativity to the game. Some of these elements are available in our website shop, others are coming soon.

For people with 3D printers, you can download and print everything you need to play Battle Rounds from our online shop with more items coming soon!