Battle Rounds Shipping ContainerThe Battle Rounds Shipping Container is a great way to add some fun gameplay options. Shipping containers are a great encounter to use when playing with the optional Team Lockers rule found in the official rulebook (in the trading cards section).

Single Container Gameplay: When you have one shipping container available, shuffle a handful of trading cards and place them facedown inside the container. Place the container an equal distance from all players’ home spaces. When a player lands on a space in front of the open end of the container, that character may draw a card. Follow the standard rule for trading cards. Players may also land on the same space as the shipping container, placing their character on the top of the container. This character cannot draw a trading card but while on top of the container, they receive a +1 Range bonus and a +1 Hit Bonus but also a -1 Defense penalty.

Multiple or Owned Shipping Containers: Each player begins the game with their own shipping container placed equal distances away from their home spaces. Each player can stock their own shipping container with their own trading cards. Cards should be shuffled so owning players will not know the order of their cards. Players may only draw cards from their own shipping container. Characters may draw 1 card per game, but this can be increased if all players agree. Any character may land on top of any shipping container, but the containers are considered “locked” and can only be “opened” by the owning player. If you want to prevent one player’s cards from tipping the balance of the game, decide on the number of “Power Points” allowed for each team. Power points for each card are located at the bottom right of each card. Each player’s deck of cards should not exceed the decided number of points.

Painting Tips: Paint your team’s logo on the side of the container. Or if your team’s characters have color coordinated bases, use the same color for your shipping container.

Other Tips: There are two downloadable versions of the Shipping Container coming soon to our website shop. Use the version with the hole in the roof to place your discarded trading cards.